[rescue] [geeks] CLJ4500DN help - rear duplex cover

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Fri Sep 14 21:37:50 CDT 2007

Robert Darlington wrote:
> Wow, that's actually really surprising.  Traditionally, printing from
> *nix sucks badly -at least till CUPS came out and made it more like
> Windows with a gui for on the fly config changes.  Don't get me
> started on all the problems with CUPS though.  Too many nightmares
> with printing in the past!

I've found that with lprng and ifhp, it Just Works.  UPS has given me
far more trouble .... on some of our machines it works, on this one
every attempt to install CUPS disables printing completely.

> When you're configuring the driver, are you doing it in the printers
> control panel? or when you actually go to print via some application?

I configure the defaults on the printer via the front panel or JetAdmin,
then on the Windows boxes, I set up a printer driver using the HP
JetDirect driver and set things how I want them in printing preferences.
 And most of the time, *that* Just Works.  Except that from one specific
Windows 2000 machine only (all our gameboxes run Win2KProSP4), going to
that specific printer only, I can't save any printing preferences.  I
make my changes, click "Apply", Windows says it's done, I close the
printing prefs dialog, open it again, and my prefs are back exactly the
way they started.  If I turn duplex on or enable color printing in any
given application's print dialog, that works fine, I just can't make the
setting persistent -- and only from that machine, only to that printer.

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