[rescue] Solaris 10 Update 4 now available for download

George Wyche gw at citasystems.com
Thu Sep 13 14:29:53 CDT 2007

@I downloaded the 5 SPARC CD images on Sept 5. They came quickly. I 
installed 8/07 3 times for various reasons, but yesterday I chose to 
return to the 11/06 version for this reason:

I have an old Tcl/Tk application that made its Pseudocolor colormap 
available to a very ignorant graphics application. The 8/07 update 
caused a X11  XStoreColor "no permission to change private colormap", 
whereas the 11/06 version has no such problem.

I gave myself 2 days to see if I could convince the 11/06 to leave me 
alone. I failed. At least 40 programmer hours to solve from the 
applications' source code versus ROLLBACK.

Mark wrote:
> Firstly - Yay!
> Secondly - Does anyone have any clue if the x86 version support EFI  
> booting yet - IIRC Update 3 didn't. It'd be kind of handy as  
> installing it on the Mac Pro is difficult without that.

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