[rescue] What to do with AT&T 3b2 disk images?

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Thu Sep 13 09:50:44 CDT 2007

A while back I posted a question about some 3b2 disk images I had and 
did not know what to do with. For health reasons, I had to put it aside.

Here's my situation. Around 1994 I had an AT&T 3b2. With it I had a set
of manuals and a System V Release 3.2 UNIX floppies. The floppies were
80 track 720k 5 1/4 diskettes. I was able to copy them with a program
called Teledisk. I gave away the 3b2's when I moved here in 1996, and the
person who took them soon after became ill and was unable to do anything
with them.

I advertised them free for the pickup for him before he died, but I have
no idea if they were picked up or not. If they were not, I'm sure his widow
threw them out. :-(

When I psoted here last about them several people suggested that I try
a program called imagedisk. It trys to read teledisk images and rewrite them
in it's own format. Teledisk was shareware and is long gone. It is rumored to
only work properly on very old PC's, which I don't have.

Imagedisk will work on a modern PC. Teledisk used an undocumented format,
imagedisk's is open to the public. 

Today, finaly having some free time, I found my old images and using a conversion
utility provided with imagedisk, converted them. 

However as far as I can tell there is not as single 3b2 in this country,
and therefore no way for me to test them. 

Does anyone have a 3b2 who would be willing to receive a few disk images
from me and try to read them on their 3b2 and make sure they really work?

Note that the images are from R3.2 UNIX, not R4.0. The original disks
all worked when installed on a working computer, except for the SCSI
drivers, which I could never get to work (or the interace was bad, I
don't know) and the StarLan drivers which I had no hardware to test.

If you are still reading this, a TRON reference was the hidden password
for the system diagnostics disk.



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