[rescue] Looking for Cisco 7000 FEIPs

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 15:35:58 CDT 2007

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
>> You don't want the FEIP.  You want the VIP2-50 and the PA-FE-TX. 
>> Trust me.
>> It won't even cost that much.  Just make sure your VIP2-50 has at
>> least 64MB RAM.  128 (the max) would be a good idea.
> Well, it looks like I've actually got a VIP2(-40?) and an FEIP, without 
> modules.  I wasn't sure what they were, and they have no modules in 
> them.  So, I want some PA-FE-TX's I guess?  Are those the same between 
> FEIP and the VIP2's?  

If the router doesn't have an RSP7000, I would highly doubt that it 
would have a VIP2.  The VIP2 won't work with the RP.  The only VIP-like 
board I know of that works with the RP is the FEIP.

Check.  The machine might have an RSP7000 in it, in which case you'd be 
in good shape.  The RSP7000 is two boards, unlike the RP.  There is a 
chassis interface board that sits in the SP slot, in place of an SP or SSP.

>> Do the 7000s have the RSP7000 or the RP+SP/SSP?  If it's running an
>> RP, I *highly* recommend getting an RSP7000.  It would be required
>> for use with a VIP2 anyway.
> RP+SSP I think, but I haven't looked closely at all of the 7000s yet.  
> All I want (right now) is something that'll let me connect FDDI and ATM 
> nets to my ethernet network, and work better than (read: at all) when I 
> tried to shove a DEFPA in a Linux box and use it as router.  I never 
> figured I'd see a K7 box with that high of CPU load, only routing the 
> small number of packets that actually got through.

An RP+SSP will have trouble outpacing a PCI PC.  Probably even with a 
processor as old as that.  It is only capable of passing 15Mbps in 
Fast/CEF mode.  The RSP7000 can pass 112Mbps, and a VIP2-50 can pass an 
additional 72Mbps that doesn't need to pass through the main bus, 
provided that the traffic is moving from one PA slot to the other on the 
same VIP.

Of course, you *really* want to make sure you're not going to be using 
process switching, as the RP can only pass 1.3Mbps and the RSP7000 can 
only pass 2.6Mbps.  dCEF is your friend on these boxes.

Peace...  Sridhar

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