[rescue] Bad luck with SCSI cdrom drives

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Thu Sep 6 10:31:43 CDT 2007

> I now own 5 SCSI CDROM drives, and only have one Toshiba drive that
> actually works in all of my sun gear.  [...]  

> I would like to know if my experience of one out of five working
> drives is atypical for this list?

Well, I can hardly speak for the list, but in my own experience, CD
drives, SCSI or not, Just Work, unless the disc is in exceptionally bad
shape.  (I have one audio CD that was carried around without a case for
months, to show people, back when CDs were new.  Not by me, I hasten to
add, and I have another, good, copy of the same CD.  That disc is in
bad enough shape that some drives won't even recognize there's a disc
there, and some of the ones that do report 99 tracks in the TOC or
similar trash.)

Mind you, I rarely use CDs, and when I do I almost never boot from
them.  Which may or may not be relevant....

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