[rescue] Drive Replacement Question

N. Miller velociraptor at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 21:14:38 CDT 2007

On Sep 5, 2007, at 1:33 PM, Brian Deloria wrote:

> I've got a drive I need to replace in a V240, c1t1d0 which is a root
> mirror.  metastat still reports it as being ok, but I am debating  
> whether to
> power the machine off and replace the disk, go through the process of
> booting the root device with less than 50% of the metainfo slices  
> intact and
> just do a metareplace on it, or to delete the metadb off of the  
> problem
> drive while the machine is still up in single user mode and hotswap  
> the
> device with the machine still on.
> Most of the documentation that I've found simply refers to  
> replacing the
> drive after it has failed completely, or to move the metainfo over to
> another slice/drive/add a new drive none of these are possible  
> based on the
> configuration by my predecessor.  The situation that I'm in however  
> doesn't
> quite fit into that and I was wondering if one way was riskier than  
> the
> other or preffered.  Taking the machine offline in off hours is  
> acceptible
> so I don't neccessarily need to do this hot.

I'd suggest removing the metadbs on the failing disk, replace it, and  
rebuild the mirror.

Also, note that while the docs for SVM say 2 metadbs, you really  
should have at least 3, and preferrably more, spread out across disks  
and controllers.  With only 2, if one disk fails and you only have 1  
metadb, you have to play the "we don't have a quorum game", which is  
a pain in the butt.


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