[rescue] OT: windows server question

Robert Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 16:47:16 CDT 2007

Is there some reason the process can't copy to a UNC path?

Steven made a good point about the service account having permissions
to the share.  If the local account has no permissions to it, it won't
mount.   You can change the account that the scheduler runs with but
that's opening a can of worms if you go down that path.

I don't know what you're doing so this is very hard.  I'm trying to
come up with solutions to what you're asking for, which may or may not
be what you need.  I'm under the impression that you have data on your
network somewhere that needs to be accessed by some scripts on another
system.  Is there any reason that data can't reside on this system,
and just share it out from this system?

Can you have a dedicated system with a dedicated domain account logged
in 24x7 for doing what you want?

Can you mount this CIFS share any other way? (NFS for instance),
perhaps on a Linux box to do what you want?

Bob D

On 10/30/07, stephen price <sd_price at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > How does that process run?  If it runs as a service,
> > does it run as a
> > user account that you could have map the drive?
> > Typically drive
> > mappings are per user, not per server, although i
> > should say that i have
> > no experience with CIFS NAS, so there could easily
> > be something that i'm
> > missing.
> This particular custom process moves a lot of data
> around constantly - so I need to have a very large
> data drive available - and in this case - the "only"
> available disk is nas disk.
> I don't want to have - and it is detrimental - to have
> - someone logged on at all times.  Although that is
> exactly what we are currently doing - and the constant
> logged on -  is causing issues in its own right.  So
> I'm exploring whether it can be done at the registry
> level or somewhere else so that no one has to stay
> logged on.
> I just don't have the windows knowledge - hence my
> asking to the larger group knowledgebase herein.
> regards
> steve
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