[rescue] OT: windows server question

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Tue Oct 30 15:46:16 CDT 2007

stephen price wrote:
> Ok, I need some "windows" server class help . . . .
> I have a nas cifs share that I need to have
> semi-permanently mounted to a w2k server - no matter
> who is logged on - or logged off. At some point in the
> future it may become a w2k3 server - but right now its
> w2k only.
> Is it possible to have a registry entry or "something"
> that will keep a nas cifs share attached at all times?
>  With no one logged on?
> I'm so far removed from windows these days I don't
> have a clue.
I'm wondering why it would be important to have it connected if nobody 
is logged in.  Are you saying that all users need to have it, or that 
there is some sort of background process running that needs to have it 
connected even if nobody is logged in?


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