[rescue] HP workstations on Nashua freecycle

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Mon Oct 29 20:27:49 CDT 2007

The following was offered on Nashua Freecycle today:


22. Hewlett Packard HP Workstation Lot Nashua, NH
Posted by: "rfkonsult" rfkonsult at yahoo.com rfkonsult
Date: Mon Oct 29, 2007 3:42 pm ((PDT))

Hewlett Packard HP Workstation Lot

Description: Hewlett Packard HP Workstation Lot

98564X Qty 2

9122 Qty 2





9133 Qty 2

9000 300 Qty 2 with 98546A card Qty 1

9000 300 Qty 1 with 98624A card Qty 1

98578X Qty 1

98571X Qty 1

9000 217 with 98204B card Qty 1 50960A card Qty 1 98204A card Qty 1
50962A card Qty 1 HP Human Interface HPIB card Qty 1



9000 300 Qty 3

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Anyone interested in this?  I'm not familiar enough with HP part numbers
to know what most of this is, but it appears there's a total of six
HP9000-300 workstations in the lot.  Being Freecycle, it's (of course)
all free.

(If someone Not Local wants stuff, I'd be willing to pick up and ship
within reason, but we're in the middle of packing to move right now as
it is, so "within reason" would be important.)

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