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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Mon Oct 29 11:58:44 CDT 2007

>> Well, I'm still interested in SS20s; they're the best (FSVO "best")
>> Sun that's actually usable.  I've got some Ultras, but I ran into a
>> bug that looked to me like a gcc sparc64 codegen bug
> That seems a silly reason to not use Ultra hardware.

Sorry, but-- I don't feel any particular compulsion to limit myself to
reasons that don't seem silly to you. :-)

> For one thing, there are still codegen bugs in 32-bit GNU compilers,

Doubtless.  If I run into one as easy to trigger and as serious as that
one, well, I'l deal with that if/when it happens.

> and with each release of it, there could well be yet more.

A good reason not to play heatseeker with compiler releases. :-)

> There are also hardware bugs in the older CPUs.  For example, the Sun
> I sent to you has a CPU bug that will bring the machine down hard
> from userland with a 1 instruction assembly program.

!!  Where can I find out more?

> Did you try reporting this problem to the GCC guys?  Reporting it on
> a NetBSD list isn't likely to do much.

No; last time I wrote to the gcc people, I was told I was using an
antique compiler version, even though it was the most recently NetBSD
release's version, with the implication that this meant nobody would
care.  While that was offering an improvement rather than fixing a bug,
I definitely don't feel any particular compulsion to heatseek gcc
versions just for the sake of helping *them* fix *their* bugs.

Perhaps my next project should be sparc32 support in ragge's pcc, with
sparc64 support to follow if I manage sparc32. :-~

> Personally, I think the industry has a dire need of a better
> universal compiler, and one without the GPL.

The industry has a dire need of non-GPL versions of lots of GPL
stuff...but, admittedly, gcc is arguably the most urgent case.

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