[rescue] Odd power cords

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sun Oct 28 16:40:26 CDT 2007

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> Looks like UK-standard power plug.

Not if (as was implied, to my eye, but not stated) they are like normal
North American 15A mains plugs but with the flat blades twisted by 90
degrees.  UK plugs are substantially larger and, if memory serves, have
a rectangular ground pin instead of the round one North America uses.

My own guess is that they're a different current rating - 20A or 30A,
I'd guess.  (Twist just one of the flat blades, instead of both, and
I'm sure of it.  I've even seen sockets that can accept either kind of
plug, either normal 15A or the kind with one flat pin twisted.)

>> Anyone want them?

Well, I'd take them just out of curiosity if nobody else wants them,
though I have no particular need for them.  (I find that a surprising
proportion of the stuff I collect on that basis ends up finding a use

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