[rescue] FFS: SCSI cable & 3Com LAN Modem

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Sat Oct 27 19:53:14 CDT 2007

Among others, der Maus wrote:
> You sure about that Centronics end?  I've never seen a Centronics
> connector with an odd pin count; they always seem to have pins paired
> between the two sides of the connector.


   Thanks for the reminders, everyone: I counted the *pairs* of contacts, so
it's probably twice that 25 -- you know, FIFTY. *blush*

> DB25 SCSI does exist, perhaps most notably on some models of Macintosh, but
> never worked all that well...
   I think I collected it when I worked at a 68k-Mac shop in the mid to late
1990s. :7) So yes, lots of slow SCSI and external cases. (I also threw ut a
Bernoulli 230 and a 200 MB Syquest cart last night from the same box. A few
Zip disks full of heaven-knows-what in there, too, and several hundred
floppies that I'm giong to glance at for Geoff and then send off to the
landfill, too.)

   I think I need a little more sleep tonight...

   Oh, and Ron gots dibs on the LAN Modem -- quick on the Reply button, our
Ron! If he caves, I'll work my way down the line of requests (of which I got
more than I expected).

- Will

[demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type application/ms-tnef which had a name of winmail.dat]

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