[rescue] FFS: SCSI cable & 3Com LAN Modem

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sat Oct 27 09:47:30 CDT 2007

> 1. SCSI cable about 1m long, DB-25 Male to Centronics 25-pin male. (I
> think: what a weird cable.)

You sure about that Centronics end?  I've never seen a Centronics
connector with an odd pin count; they always seem to have pins paired
between the two sides of the connector.

If it really is approx-25-pins on the Centronics end, I'd suspect it of
being a parallel-port printer cable, which were very common back before
USB was invented and "everybody" drunk its kool-aid.  (DB25 SCSI does
exist, perhaps most notably on some models of Macintosh, but it never
worked all that well - it requires lumping all, or almost all, the
grounds together, which plays hob with the nice transmission-line
characteristics of SCSI as designed.  Not recommended.)

(No, I'm not interested in the cable in any case.  I've got plenty
enough DB25-to-whatever SCSI cables, and even more (as compared to the
"demand" I have for them) parallel-port cables.)

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