[rescue] Never thought I'd ask this

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Mon Oct 22 16:06:18 CDT 2007

Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
> I sometimes wonder if the guy behind GNOME, Mono, etc. isn't a  
> brilliant programmer turned into a brilliant piece of misdirection  
> funded by Microsoft.

I've had similar thoughts.

>> I mean -come on-, even Microsoft does themes better!  How does this
>> GNOME crap hold onto a userbase?
> Better question:  people dumped the NeXT-themed AfterStep wm for this?

I've looked at AfterStep, and Cymru likes WindowMaker which I understand
is also NeXT-like.  Honestly, I don't like either one.  But I suppose
there's room for all tastes ... even those who think Gnome is a good idea.

(And Ballmer said the GPL was viral ... he should look at Gnome
sometime.  Infernal thing infects every piece of code that gets near it.)

> Imagine if all that time and pain had been dumped into the GNUStep  
> project.  We'd be cross-compiling with Xcode by now.

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