[rescue] Sun 3 and Sun 4 Keyboard adapters (was Sun-3-era-kit)

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sun Oct 21 22:31:34 CDT 2007

>> * For a couple of Sun3/60 plus one Sun3/50. All are
>> orphan of (at least) any
>> kind of screen, hard disk, or keyboard
> On these machines, the ECL monochrome monitors are
> unobtainium. I have been searching for one for years
> to no avail. Only recently did I get an analog Sun
> mono monitor. Those are rare too. Analog mono monitors
> aren't compatible with this machine, unless you have a
> color framebuffer, AFAIK.

Really?  I have come across some ECL monitors from time to time around
here (very obviously different than the one I sent you... that analog  
one  was from
a HUGE pile of them.. I had 3 of them and recently got rid of two  
others in a recent CRT recycling
at the local recycling center...)  but I normally don't pick them up,  
as I've not had a need for them.
If folks on the list are interested, let me know and I'll keep my eye  
open for both...

I'll pick up the next ECL one I come across...
I believe there was one in my recent FL rescue, but I simply didn't  
bother to take it.

RE: Sun 3 Keyboard.

I've come across probably 5 or 10 of them somewhat recently as  
well.... I've
got one here that I'm going to keep for my Sun 3/110 and Sun  
4/110's... at least
if I want to hook them up directly.   I just shipped one out as part  
of the rescued stuff
I picked up from FL.

I do have a keyboard question though...

I  am wondering if  you can build an inverse adapter for Sun 4 and 5  
to allow them to work on a Sun 3 kbd machine.  I've got a KVM that at  
least monitor wise
works with the 3/110 and 4/110... 4 coax to 13w3 adapter to KVM to  
Sony Monitor...
but hadn't figured out whether or not I could some how wire in the  

Anybody tried to do this?



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