[rescue] Reviewing some of my old Unix and CP/M systems, plus some searchings

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Sat Oct 20 17:37:01 CDT 2007

> * For one AT&T 3B2/400, I'm searching for expansion boards (network 
> adapters
> preferred) and disk external enclosures

I'm not sure that you're going to find any network adaptors. I'd like 
to get a few more boards (not even thinking network any more, more like 
EPORTS or PORTS) for my 1000/70, but they seem to be getting rarer and 
rarer. If you have a spare serial port you might want to consider SLIRP 
(provided it builds on ATT SysV.3.2) and a serial connection. That's 
what I'm planning to try for mine. Is your 3B2/400 a SCSI machine? If 
so, then you can use any enclosure, just grab something like a spare 
Sun lunchbox and remove the 50-pin header -> HD50 (or any other 
external enclosure with SCSI) and mount it above the SCSI card to get a 
more "modern standard" SCSI connection.

For old gear, the 50-pin SCSI removable disk trays are nice to have 
because they are an easy and easy-to-find way to install 3.5" drives in 
the older machines that have only 5.25" bays.

On the Suns, be aware that the type-3 mouse LEDs dim over time and 
might need to be replaced in order to get it working again.

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