[rescue] SPARCclassic bits

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Oct 19 20:11:27 CDT 2007

I believe these used one parity bit per simm... so 33 bits wide (but 36 bit
wide should work too).  I think access time is 60ns, but I don't recall.
If your's are 80ns (common), they'd be too slow and might give you grief.

-- Curt

silvercreekvalley wrote:
> Trying to upgrade the RAM on a SPARCclassic - its
> currently a rather sad 16M 4 x 4M SIMMs. Anyone any
> spare SIMMs. 
> I've tried a whole bunch of different 72 pin SIMMs 
> that I had on hand, but none work. They pass the
> RAM check, but I get all sorts of weird interrupt
> errors, 'watchdog reset'. I'm guessing that there
> is something special about Sun SIMMs. Do they
> use parity at all?
> Anyway - any advice/help appreciated.
> I'd also like to upgrade the graphics with a SBUS
> framebuffer if anyone has one spare. Its currently
> a cgthree, so anything better than that would be
> welcome.
> Thanks
> Ian.
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