[rescue] SPARCclassic bits

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Fri Oct 19 14:27:16 CDT 2007

> Trying to upgrade the RAM on a SPARCclassic - its currently a rather
> sad 16M 4 x 4M SIMMs.  Anyone any spare SIMMs. 

I've got lots, but only 4M sticks, which won't help. :-/

> I've tried a whole bunch of different 72 pin SIMMs that I had on
> hand, but none work.  They pass the RAM check, but I get all sorts of
> weird interrupt errors, 'watchdog reset'.  I'm guessing that there is
> something special about Sun SIMMs.  Do they use parity at all?

Normally, yes.  Some Suns can handle 32-bit, 33-bit, and 36-bit; others
are more restrictive.  I don't happen to know how picky the Classic is.
(Power up with diag-switch? set true and you'll get a bunch of
moderately verbose blather about the memory stuff.)

> I'd also like to upgrade the graphics with a SBUS framebuffer if
> anyone has one spare.  Its currently a cgthree, so anything better
> than that would be welcome.

I've got more cg6s than I'm ever likely to need myself; I'd be happy to
post one off to you.  I'm not sure how best to arrange it, though,
since you appear to be using Yahoo webmail; Yahoo is sufficiently
uncivilized that I've had to block them completely.  You might try one
of my alternative addresses (mouse at openface.ca and/or
mouse at netbsd.org); I don't recall whether Yahoo webmail works to them.
But don't set a Reply-To: naming a Yahoo address, no matter where
you're writing from, or it is almost certain to get rejected.

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