[rescue] Sun-3-era kit [was Re: Reviewing some of my old Unix and CP/M systems, plus some searchings]

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 19 10:58:07 CDT 2007

--- der Mouse <mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA> wrote:

> > On these machines [Sun-3/50 and /60], the ECL
> monochrome monitors are
> > unobtainium.  I have been searching for one for
> years to no avail.
> If an 1152x900 will do, I think I might have one I
> haven't used in
> years.  (I haven't touched it in years, which is why
> I'm not sure.)
> But they're heavy little buggers, so unless you're
> close to Montreal it
> may not be worth the cost to get it to you.

Hehe, I might just take you up on that someday... I
actually had the analog monochrome monitor shipped to
me too. Although I don't think that is as heavy as the
ECL ones. And shipping from Canada is typically

> > For the keyboard, the Sun3 keyboard is very rare
> too.  But you can
> > use the more common Sun type 4/5/6 keyboards by
> making an adapter.
> > The signals are the same.
> Quite.  I normally use type-3 keyboards even on more
> recent machines;
> the type-3 is the second-best keyboard type I've
> used.  (A type-3 in
> good shape, that is; a type-3 in bad shape can
> border on unusable.)

Yes, they are great keyboards. I have two of them, and
one even has all it's keys! They're just hard to find.
I love Sun3 gear, but it's quite rare.


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