[rescue] Reviewing some of my old Unix and CP/M systems, plus some searchings

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 19 10:35:18 CDT 2007

> * For a couple of Sun3/60 plus one Sun3/50. All are
> orphan of (at least) any
> kind of screen, hard disk, or keyboard

On these machines, the ECL monochrome monitors are
unobtainium. I have been searching for one for years
to no avail. Only recently did I get an analog Sun
mono monitor. Those are rare too. Analog mono monitors
aren't compatible with this machine, unless you have a
color framebuffer, AFAIK.

If you're lucky, you have a color framebuffer - this
can be used with many VGA monitors with the proper

For the keyboard, the Sun3 keyboard is very rare too.
But you can use the more common Sun type 4/5/6
keyboards by making an adapter. The signals are the

Sun 3 15 pin keyboard connector (at computer) :

    1   RxD0 (keyboard)     8   GND
    2   GND                 9   GND
    3   TxD0 (keyboard)     10  VCC
    4   GND                 11  VCC
    5   RxD1 (mouse)        12  VCC
    6   GND                 14  VCC
    7   TxD1 (mouse)        15  VCC

Type 4/5 keyboard connector (at computer) :

    7          1  GND              5  TxDA (Keyboard)
8       6      2  GND              6  RxDA (Keyboard)
5   4   3      3  Vcc              7  TxDB (Mouse)
  2   1        4  RxDB (Mouse)     8  Vcc

(Pinout info from Sun hardware reference)

These machines take SCSI disks, you just need an
adapter to go between the 50 pin dsub three row
connector and something else. The Sun 3/60 even has
space for an internal disk if you do some board
hacking. (adding the header connector, etc).

If no keyboard is connected, the first serial port is
used as the console. A terminal connected to port A
(9600/8/n/1) will work.


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