[rescue] SPARCprinter E

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezicsb at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 16:31:58 CDT 2007


Anyone interested in a Sun SPARCprinter E?  This isn't one of the
awful boat-anchor models that required a special Sbus card and
software, but a Sun-branded Lexmark with Ethernet and Postscript, at
up to 1200x1200dpi.  It's very clean and looks to be low-mileage, but
after 7 or 8 years in storage it will probably need a new toner
cartridge and maybe a bit of cleanup[1].  I sure wouldn't mind having
a 1200dpi printer around, but I'm happy with my little HP and this is
just taking up space.

Have the original box and manuals, plus a parallel cable.  $25 OBO if
you pick it up in Portland, OR (would prefer not to ship it, since
it's heavy/bulky, but would consider it if nobody local wants it).
Contact me off-list if interested.

-- Chris

[1] At first power-up I ran through all the self-tests and menus
successfully.  After the first test page came out looking nasty, I ran
several more, but had loaded the paper incorrectly.  After clearing
the jam, it now thinks there's no cartridge installed or that the top
cover is open.  Hmmm.  So far I haven't been able to find a service
manual that describes how to check for any sensors, switches or reset
buttons, so I'm hoping that a new cartridge is all that's needed.
Anyone know what model Lexmark this is, or have any experience with
this particular printer?

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