[rescue] what the heck is it

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Oct 15 18:50:42 CDT 2007

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
> I 'rescued' a unique piece of computer equipment...
> Here is the data:
> Raytheon
> RDS-201E (on badge on front/top)
> P/N G246101-3010 (from badge on rear)
> Model VT302 (from badge on rear)
> This has 2 5.25" full height floppy drives (like the original IBM PC)
> likely Tandon mechs ?
> Has a 'built in' (more like 'built on') screen.
> Has switches for 10 pitch/12 pitch
> 1/1.5/2 spacing and another I forget
> (they are on the monitor piece).

Doesn't pitch and spacing like that sound like a word processor of some 
type? I think the hardware sounds like the right vintage, before PCs 
were really commonplace.

Look anything like this: 

Seems that Raytheon purchased a word processor company called Lexitron...


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