[rescue] Help with an ailing Sun QIC 150 tape drive

Kurt Nowak knowak at alumni.calpoly.edu
Thu Oct 11 19:48:05 CDT 2007

Kurt Nowak wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently had a need to break out my Sun Archive QIC-150 tape drive 
> (Sun P/N 370-1218-04) to read some old archives, and had the misfortune 
> of discovering that the pinch roller has turned to a sticky black goo! 
> Anyone else ever had this problem? Ive been reading up on this 
> phenomenon and apparently its not so uncommon on older equipment. Is 
> there anyone out there who still has a working one or these? If so and 
> you own a pair over vernier calipers, could you be so kind and measure 
> the outside diameter of the rubber pinch roller? I found a guy on line 
> who rebuilds these rollers with a superior rubber compound.
> Thanks in advance!!
> Kurt
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Thanks to those who replied. I will post back with a progress report 
once I get that far. BTW the guy who makes custom rollers is at: 


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