[rescue] Testing ext. CD-ROM, how to boot?

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Thu Oct 11 09:51:04 CDT 2007

> This is an AXi-like MB, it has three ethernet ports (AXi have one) and 
> the "probe-scsi" shows two lists, one named "Removeable/External Port" 
> and the other is internal - I assume it has two SCSI chains, but it 
> might not...
> I'll have to investigate a bit more - your comments/questions make me 
> wonder...

You can also try setting "diag-switch?" true and running probe-pci to 
see what pci devices come up. I had just come off of a different 
machine and was in "start at 1" mode rather than "start at zero" so 
Ahmed is entirely correct: scsi at 1,1 would be the second bus of a 
two-bus HA rather than scsi at 1,2.

Looking at AXi commentary it looks like the base board (the Sun 
version, anyway) has a dual-channel Symbios 53c876, rather than two 
physically separate adaptors, so the scsi at 1,1 should be the right 
address for an external drive. Have you checked the cabling setup? Just 
had a problem with odd issues stemming from a cable that was working 
loose, also had some (Sun-branded, for the most part) SCSI cables go 
bad. Termination is also something to look at.

Could also be a dying port because some prior owner wasn't as careful 
as they should have been. Can you jerry-rig a line from the internal 

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