[rescue] Sun 911 case (4x 50 pin SCSI case)

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 15:30:06 CDT 2007

--- William Enestvedt <William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu>

> So if I have a Sun drive case, how much work is it
> to rip out the
> vuilt-in SCSI stuff at the back and add, say, an
> AT-to-FireWire
> interface board? s it necessary to replace the PSU,
> too?

Should not be hard. I converted a Sun 411 drive case
to FireWire. I converted a case that had damaged SCSI
wiring. All I had to do was remove the SCSI wiring and
come up with a creative way to mount the FireWire-IDE
board inside. A little drilling and filing were all
that was needed. That and wiring in the power to the
converter board. The power supply does not need to be
>    I love the old Sun beige/lavender case but my
> current home computers
> have FireWire (or even USB 2) and not 50-pin SCSI.
> :7)

I love the cases too, and I got ahold of a crappy
external FireWire hard drive case that was extremely
ugly. On top of that, it relied on one of those stupid
external power bricks. Which had failed before I got
it. Moving the interface board into the Sun case and
putting in an IDE drive gives me the convenience of a
well designed case with INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY. Why, oh
why do all modern peripherals require some bulky,
clumsy stupid adapter? It's so nice when everything is
there in the one, compact box. It also seems that
designers have forgotten how to make external hard
drives that aren't ugly :). </rant>

Good luck.


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