[rescue] Sun 911 case (4x 50 pin SCSI case)

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 13:36:00 CDT 2007

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> >Date: 2007/10/10 Wed PM 12:52:25 CDT
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> >Subject: Re: [rescue] Sun 911 case (4x 50 pin SCSI
> case)
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> >I had four 4G drives in one but found they ran far
> >too hot for the case's ventilation.
> Let me guess, Seagate Barracudas? ;^)

Actually, no.  IIRC they were Micropolis 3243's.  :<
Damn things would run hot in an ice bath!  (only time
I ever toasted a drive was one of those in a Classic)

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