[rescue] Sun 911 case (4x 50 pin SCSI case)

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Oct 10 13:08:33 CDT 2007

>>> Note, there is a metal *cage* to hold the 4
>> drives;
>>> plus, four small brackets -- one for each *drive*!
>>> And, the internal power and scsi harness.
>> I never got any brackets. I don't see where I'd need
>> them, either, but...
> IIRC, the brackets mount to the underside of each
> drive.  Then, one end of the bracket slides into a
> "slot" in the "cage".  Then, it is fastened in
> place.
> I can't recall if the screws that fasten each drive
> go into the sides of the drives or not.  Probably
> do (?).  In any case, the bracket helps ensure the
> drive is held in place since one side of each drive
> is inaccessible so any screws would only secure the
> "outer" side of the drive to the cage.
That's right, I do remember that I couldn't get to the screw holes on the 
inner edge of each of the drives, but ISTR that each drive sat on kind of 
a shelf, so I don't remember feeling uncomfortable about screws only on 
the outside edge.

There also may have been more than one style of cage inside the same case.

Anyway, still a useful thing if you want to have a few spindles to do 
something with.


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