[rescue] Sun systems

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Oct 10 05:28:35 CDT 2007

> I have (in the 64-bit Sun category) currently one Ultra-2 2x200/1.5GB , 
> one Ultra 10 440MHz 1GB+SCSI, and one E3000 (currently 2x250 and 256MB, 
> but  might be getting some 400MHz boards from Pat).
> Is the Ultra-2 likely worth messing with at all? As far as I see, the 
> main handicaps would be memory speed and SCSI, and I'm trying to decide 
> whether to mothball it, pass it on, or bump it up to something like 
> 2x300. The big advantage over the E3k is the Ultra-2 has a Creator3d 
> whereas the E3k has only TGX (which I must confess I have yet to use). 
> My U10 also has Creator3D.

I have a 2x400 2G Ultra 2 at home and a 2x400 2G E3000 at work. I was 
telling a guy at work that the E3000 is comparable to my home desktop 
(CPUs, memory, and SBUS). He said that the Ultra 2 actually had some 
type of bus advantage over the E3000. I don't know if that is true or 
not, but he does appear to have some experience with older Sun hardware.

In any case, I now have three Ultra 2s (Lionel says you can never have 
too many unless you are Lionel) and find them to be very useful for many 


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