[rescue] Sun systems

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Tue Oct 9 23:39:59 CDT 2007

The talk about the Ultra-2s made me think of mine.

I have (in the 64-bit Sun category) currently one Ultra-2 2x200/1.5GB , 
one Ultra 10 440MHz 1GB+SCSI, and one E3000 (currently 2x250 and 256MB, 
but  might be getting some 400MHz boards from Pat).

Is the Ultra-2 likely worth messing with at all? As far as I see, the 
main handicaps would be memory speed and SCSI, and I'm trying to decide 
whether to mothball it, pass it on, or bump it up to something like 
2x300. The big advantage over the E3k is the Ultra-2 has a Creator3d 
whereas the E3k has only TGX (which I must confess I have yet to use). 
My U10 also has Creator3D.

On a side note, can anyone here describe the latch for the front door 
on the deskside Ex000 machines? Mine has a floppy door that I'm trying 
to figure out (broken stationary part).

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