[rescue] Sun 911 case (4x 50 pin SCSI case)

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Oct 9 20:19:04 CDT 2007

>> Anyone here interested in a Sun 911 case? It takes 4
>> narrow SCSI drives and is about the size of a Sun
>> IPC/LX "lunchbox" machine. The case is complete and
>> in good condition, inside and out (includes metal
>> bracket to hold drive, 4x power leads and 4x SCSI
> Note, there is a metal *cage* to hold the 4 drives;
> plus, four small brackets -- one for each *drive*!
> And, the internal power and scsi harness.

I never got any brackets. I don't see where I'd need them, either, but...

It's a useful thing especially if you want to try SVM on a few small 
drives. I used mine to learn about SVM (DiskSuite in those days) with 
four 250M drives in it.


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