[rescue] SunPC

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Oct 9 20:17:18 CDT 2007

>> I've got a SunPC card NiB (including even the DOS & WfWG licenses --
>> whoopee!).  Is this worth holding onto or should I recycle it?  (I
>> don't believe it will work on anything newer than
>> 2.5?)
> It's fun, if you have a proper sbus SPARC in which to run it.  It's
> certainly a lot faster than WABI.
> I wouldn't count on anyone parting with cash for it, as the x86 CPU on
> there is a low-end 486-class part, IIRC.  Even an emulated VM on modern
> hardware would be faster.  However, if you have a supported host system,
> it's a fun device, so I wouldn't toss it out.
I think it'll work on newer OSes that 2.5. I have one that I have not 
been able to get to work yet, but its complaint seems to be the sun4u 
kernel; it wants a sun4m instead. At some point when I have room, I'll 
put it in my SS20 and try it out.


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