[rescue] Second try: DEC PDP (mostly PDP-8) books & some software

John Francini francini at mac.com
Mon Oct 8 08:49:40 CDT 2007

39010 isn't a valid U.S. ZIP code. (I checked the USPS web site.)

I'm not shipping these internationally.  Sorry.


On 8 Oct 2007, at 3:28, Sergio Pedraja wrote:

> Hello. Even when I live actually in Spain, I can pay you for the  
> shipment of these items to zip code 39010 (Santander, Spain). I  
> think the most cheap method is USPS. If you want to put some  
> additional cost for the packing and "disturbs" (papers to fill,  
> etcetera).
> Thanks and Greetings
> Sergio Pedraja
> 2007/10/7, John Francini <francini at mac.com>:
> Hello!
> Back in the summer I sent out a note about having some DEC PDP-8
> books and software available.  Several people from out of the Nashua,
> NH area spoke up, but I wanted to avoid shipping them, so I set my
> sights on a couple of local to eastern New England people who
> expressed interest.  I exchanged some very nice e-mails with those
> people.  Unfortunately, none of them ever came out with a definitive
> "I can be there at date X/time Y to pick it up -- would that work?"
> or anything vaguely equivalent.  (Or perhaps someone did and I spaced
> it, but I don't believe so.)
> [Background: I'm very used to offering and receiving stuff on our
> local Freecycle mailing lists (see freecycle.org for info), where
> there's a set of guidelines that state that people should do exactly
> that -- set a definitive date and time to pick up materials, and then
> stick to it.]
> Anyway, after all that happened, things just petered out, and I
> forgot about it. By rights I should have started contacting the
> out-of-New-England responders, but I forgot about it.  That is, until
> I nearly tripped over the box last night and realized that It Was
> Still here.
> So, to reiterate:
> I have a collection of DEC PDP-8 books and software that I'd like to
> make go away, but not to a landfill.  I've got:
> a) A whole bunch of DEC Handbooks, including:
>         * Multiple copies and versions of the Assembly Language  
> Programming
>           handbooks (PDP-8)
>         * PDP-11 Systems Handbooks
>         * Edusystems Handbook
> b) 101 Computer Games, by David Ahl
> c) TSS/8 System Manager's Manual
> d) RX01 Floppies with some variant of OS/8 on them
> All told it's about 30-40 lbs of paper.
> If someone local (eastern New England) would like to pick it up in
> Nashua, please respond with a set of dates and times when you could
> potentially come by to collect them.
> Otherwise, I'd be willing to ship them to someone out of the area for
> the cost of shipping.
> John Francini
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