[rescue] Second try: DEC PDP (mostly PDP-8) books & some software

John Francini francini at mac.com
Sun Oct 7 16:49:47 CDT 2007


Back in the summer I sent out a note about having some DEC PDP-8 
books and software available.  Several people from out of the Nashua, 
NH area spoke up, but I wanted to avoid shipping them, so I set my 
sights on a couple of local to eastern New England people who 
expressed interest.  I exchanged some very nice e-mails with those 
people.  Unfortunately, none of them ever came out with a definitive 
"I can be there at date X/time Y to pick it up -- would that work?" 
or anything vaguely equivalent.  (Or perhaps someone did and I spaced 
it, but I don't believe so.)

[Background: I'm very used to offering and receiving stuff on our 
local Freecycle mailing lists (see freecycle.org for info), where 
there's a set of guidelines that state that people should do exactly 
that -- set a definitive date and time to pick up materials, and then 
stick to it.]

Anyway, after all that happened, things just petered out, and I 
forgot about it. By rights I should have started contacting the 
out-of-New-England responders, but I forgot about it.  That is, until 
I nearly tripped over the box last night and realized that It Was 
Still here.

So, to reiterate:

I have a collection of DEC PDP-8 books and software that I'd like to
make go away, but not to a landfill.  I've got:

a) A whole bunch of DEC Handbooks, including:
	* Multiple copies and versions of the Assembly Language Programming
	  handbooks (PDP-8)
	* PDP-11 Systems Handbooks
	* Edusystems Handbook

b) 101 Computer Games, by David Ahl
c) TSS/8 System Manager's Manual
d) RX01 Floppies with some variant of OS/8 on them

All told it's about 30-40 lbs of paper.

If someone local (eastern New England) would like to pick it up in 
Nashua, please respond with a set of dates and times when you could 
potentially come by to collect them.

Otherwise, I'd be willing to ship them to someone out of the area for 
the cost of shipping.

John Francini
John Francini, francini at mac.com

"The journey is more important than the destination -- that's part of life.
If you only live for getting to the end, you're almost always disappointed."
                               -- Donald Knuth

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