[rescue] FS: Ultra 2 systems (complete)

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Sun Oct 7 13:57:00 CDT 2007

Hello all,

I've decided that I really need to get rid of these machines, so I've built them up to a standard config, and I'm offering them here for a fairly reasonable price (0):

Ultra 2 base
Dual 300 MHz UltraSPARC II CPUs w/2 Meg Cache (Solaris 10 capable)
16x 64 Meg DIMMs (1024 Meg RAM total)
a 9 Gig SCSI HD and CD-ROM installed
a TGX framebuffer
power cord

Powered up, tested, and shipped in a new box ready to go.

The price, a low $25 (that includes $5 for packing materials) plus actual shipping to your location. ConUS shipping via FedEx Ground should be very reasonable, as I ship from FedEx facility so there is no "Mailbox, Etc. Tax" (surcharge) on shipping costs.

Pick-up is free, in the Trenton/Prinveton area.

I've got 4 systems ready to ship as soon as Monday, and I might be able to make more if, heaven forbid, more than four people are interested.

If interested, please contact me off list.


(0) I think that is below market price, and reflects a discount for taking all the parts at once. In order of value, I see the break down as:

16x 64 Meg RAM - $10
2x 300 MHz CPUs - $15
Ultra 2 base w/CD-ROM - $10 (Who knows, it's all a guess at this point)
Packing Materials - $5
Drive Sled - $5
9 Gig HD - $5
TGX - $2 (you'd pay that if you needed one and didn't have one IMHO ;^)

You may not want one, but for what's in the box, I think it is a fair price, and reflects an "imaginary" 50% discount for taking the entire system, known-good/tested...

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