[rescue] Voyager woes

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 19:32:11 CDT 2007


I have two problems (independant?) with
my Voyager:

- disk claims bad sectors.  Running
  format(8m?) with all of the analyze,
  etc. options doesn't seems to fix
  anything.  I've reinstalled 2.6 at
  least once and seen no change in the
  symptoms.  I have a spare 2.5" SCSI
  drive that I can drop in but I'd
  hate to find that something *else*
  needs to be fixed, first!  :<

- The color LCD seems to have a hard time
  "getting started" on power up.  The
  only way to describe it is imagining
  display itself had its own "CPU".  It
  looks like *that* CPU is not starting
  right.  E.g., the video doesn't appear
  or it disappears, "tears", reappears, etc.
  Note that the stuff that it displays
  "between tears" is correct -- its just
  as if the display was "resetting" itself
  (blanking -- though the CCFL's stay on)

  I connected a monitor to the external 13W3
  to see what the external video looks like
  while the LCD is having spasms.  But, I
  got no video (i.e. the monitor acted as if
  "no signal").  Is there something I need to
  do to enable the external video?  Also, I am
  not sure where the "external video" ties-in
  (functionally) in the  overall system design
  (i.e. how much hardware do the internal and 
  external video "share"?)

Any suggestions?  I don't like taking the 
machine apart so I am trying to get my
game plan in order so I can try *all* of
the potential remedies/diagnostics while
I have it in pieces *once*.


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