[rescue] rescuing an ailing U10...

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Mon Oct 1 23:00:13 CDT 2007

" From: Mike Meredith <very at zonky.org>
" On Mon, 1 Oct 2007 16:08:21 -0700, James Hartley wrote:
" > Is there a way to initialize non-Sun branded hard drives such that
" > drives other than Sun-branded disks can be used on (older) Sparc-based
" > machines?  Am I correct assuming the Intel version of OpenSolaris
" > doesn't have this requirement?
" boot cdrom -s
" <wait>
" format

in solarii up to at least 8, you didn't have to boot -s.  start the
openwin installer, and when it comes up to the first input screen open
a cmdtool and run format in it.  when finished, return your attention
to the input screen and continue the installation.
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