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John Francini francini at mac.com
Mon Oct 1 12:18:38 CDT 2007

oops.  Sorry about that; I thought it was the other way 'round.


On 1 Oct 2007, at 13:13, Caleb Shay wrote:

> On 10/1/07, John Francini <francini at mac.com> wrote:
>> They most likely do not meet the current Federal emissions regs for
>> diesels.  That's why a number of European companies known for
>> exporting diesels to the US -- Volkswagen being primary among them --
>> had to stop selling them for a time.  VW will be reintroducing
>> reworked diesels that meet the US regs in the 2008 model year.
> Close, but exactly the opposite.  US diesel, up until this year, had a
> MUCH higher sulfur content than European diesel.  By "much", I mean in
> the area of 100x-1000x as many ppm.  Most European diesel engines were
> less than happy with the diesel here.  To bring a diesel engine here
> they were forced to actually modify their diesel engine (expensive)
> and then get it certified here (also expensive), and then face the
> problem with in many parts of the US you cannot get diesel at every
> gas station, so many people would not buy them.  There is also a long
> held belief in the US that diesel engines are loud, smelly, and slow.
> As a previous owner of VW turbo-diesel, I can tell you that none of
> these are true.  However, US diesel was modified this year so that it
> only has about 10x as much sulfur as European diesel, so the engines
> can be used unmodified, so the only expense is certification.  I'm
> hoping to be able to pick up a diesel Audi TT when my current car
> gives up.
> Caleb
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