[rescue] For Immediate Sale: 17" Powerbook G4

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Wed Nov 28 01:50:34 CST 2007

I have a 17" PowerBook G4 that I need to part with immediately
(preferably shipped this week).  My fiancee was in a severe automobile
accident this weekend, and I need to travel to California to take care
of her for a few weeks, but I also need to be able to run VMware to
finish debugging the code my employer needs to ship a product.

Thus, I need an Intel notebook, and this lovely thing needs to go for

    * 1.67GHz G4 processor
    * 17" (1680x1050) display with Mobility Radeon 9700 graphics
    * 2GB memory
    * 120GB disk
    * Gigabit Ethernet
    * 802.11g wireless Ethernet
    * Dual-Layer Superdrive
    * Dual-Link DVI out (drives a 30" cinema beautifully)
    * AppleCare through 16 June 2009.

It hasn't a deformity on it, save for a very minor bend in the metal
above the latch button, which was present when I bought it from Apple
(and might be by-design, I don't know), and a couple of hairline
scratches on the bottom.  It's been carried in a Brenthaven bag most of
its life (and a heavily-padded Dell bag before that) and always used
with a screen protecting cloth (so no blemishes on the screen).

Battery life is 3 - 5 hours, depending on usage (5 for writing code with
the radio turned off, about 3.5 for typical 802.11/websurfing usage, 3
when used with my EVDO card (not included)).

It hasn't given me any problems, except a defective keyboard which Apple

Will ship with restore DVDs with a fresh and completely updated install
of Tiger and iLife.  Included are the video adapter dongles, a power
supply (with car charger), and Applecare paperwork.  I'll include the
original box and manuals, if I can find them.

The eBay price for a this machine looks to be in the $1300 - $1400
range.  I'll consider any reasonable offer.  Shipping will be via FedEx.

Jonathan Patschke
Elgin, TX

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