[rescue] FS: Sonnet Cressendo G4/350

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 12:33:31 CST 2007

Anything under 4lbs shipping weight usps = small green
customs form 
Anything 4lbs & over = large white customs form.

Shipping weight = what usps scale at the post office
says - not your home scale.

You can fill out the paperwork online & print it out
to take to the post office or fill out the form itself
at the post office

And yes - you need to put "some" value to it - gifts
with zero value garner more attention these days...

> > Am I going to have to fill out customs forms for
> this?
> >
> You will; however put a value of $20 on it for
> customs purposes and  
> write "used computer parts" on the invoice and there
> should be no  
> problems.  Not sure whether you need the little
> green form or the  
> larger white form.

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