[rescue] Looking for a few used cisco 7940 phones

Robert Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 15:55:05 CST 2007

My 7960 most definitely does NOT work with my Dell 6224P PoE switches
at work.  I had to wire a special cable for it.  All of the phones I
have at work are Linksys, with the exception of my 7960 I brought in
for testing.  That being said, I have no idea what standard these
Linksys phones use, nor what my switch supports.  They were bought
together from a VoIP provider.


On Nov 25, 2007 2:42 PM, Phil Brutsche <phil at tux.obix.com> wrote:
> Most people call that "some old standard" to be "Cisco prestandard PoE".
>  I call it "Cisco proprietary", since the only way to get PoE switches
> that will support it is through Cisco.
> BTW, All Cisco 7960 and 7940 VoIP phones can use either the Cisco
> proprietary "standard" or standardized 802.3af PoE.
> I've got about 30 Cisco 7960 phones at the office and I've powered them
> with Linksys PoE switches (specicially a SRW208P), Nortel PoE switches
> (I think it was a BayStack 460-PWR), and (naturally) Cisco PoE switches.
> If a 79[46]0 doesn't work with a switch that conforms to 802.3af then
> either the switch is bad somehow or there's some weird midspan vs
> endspan incompatibility.
> Robert Darlington wrote:
> > The 7960 uses some old standard that nobody else uses.  I don't know
> > about the 7940.  I had to wire my 7960 up with a custom cable to work
> > with my Dell PoE switches but at least it worked.
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