[rescue] help with type 6 usb keuboard

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Fri Nov 16 13:12:07 CST 2007

i have two type 6 usb keyboards.

one of them gives computer displays the shakes. literally. it started doing
this suddenly as i moved it about a bit. it sends some sort of spurious
signals to any computer it is attached to. any ideas what is wrong with this?

the second one fell, and the space bar cover came off. i can get it back in
place, but not quite correctly, so it does not go down uniformly form pressure
at any point. if i am not near the center when i press, it tilts badly and
does not activate the  sensor. i can't quite figure out  what the metal pice
in the cover is supposed to do, or how to place it. 

are both of these dead losses?

if so, anyone got spares? i can trade good type 4s and or type 5. i need usb
for my blade 100s and a dell xps t700r attached to my kvm. real money could
even be available.

as a side: what is a crossbow mouse?  i looked at ebay and saw such there,
while looking for keyboards.

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