[rescue] Terminal server question

laz at moaa.net laz at moaa.net
Sat Nov 10 19:00:55 CST 2007

as I recall on the 1600 xyplex, 1/2 the ports will be dead unless you have a code to turn them on in the base code.
and its a code based on its mac address unfortunately.


> In article <f15211ae3dff60fbec77bda70f931f6a at valleyimplants.com>,
>     Scott Quinn <compoobah at valleyimplants.com>  writes:
> > I can find some information about the 1600, but very little about the 
> > Network 9k/TS720, and not too much about how well it would work for the 
> > hobbyist (both of them have the Flash cards).  What does the list 
> > think?
> My experience has been that you need some host software to make any of
> the terminal servers work and that's the hard part; obtaining the
> hardware seems relatively easy, but the hardware and software always
> seem to get separated.
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