[rescue] Changing rootdrive SCSI host adaptors on Solaris.

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Tue Nov 6 09:25:12 CST 2007

> So let me get this straight, you removed the first SCSI adapter, before
> placing the second in the system?
> If you had a spare pci slot, I might have installed both cards at the
> same time

I have them both installed- the problem was that the disk devices for 
the new card were not being created when the disk was connected to the 
old card (since devfsadm saw an empty SCSI bus), and when the drive was 
moved over to the new card it hadn't brought up all services yet before 
it stopped in maintenance mode, so cfgadm and devfsadm were erroring 
out. I'm going to leave the SunSwift in for the external UW-SE port and 
the second HME.
I'm surprised at how much faster it is - I wouldn't have thought that 
the move from 1040B U-W to 895 U2-W would make much of a difference. I 
wonder if the SunSwift has a higher latency.

> Do a devfsadm -Cv (which will create and clean up any dead links from
> /dev to /devices), changed up /etc/vfstab, shutdown.
> Pull out the original card.
> Bring solaris back up, and do another devfsadm -Cv (now this time doing
> a cleanup of the devlinks from the old HBA)
Have to do that now, thanks.

> Its neat to know the simlink method can work.  Ideally you could save a
> reboot here... but it sounds like a PIA to me though :-)
Seems like doing anything to /root is a PIA without a 
dump/reinstall/restore now. Old-style Unices were much more friendly in 
this regard (but not always in other matters).

> PS.  Don't forget to update dumpadm

Will do

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