[rescue] Changing rootdrive SCSI host adaptors on Solaris.

Mark Brown sunrescue at marknmel.com
Tue Nov 6 05:31:02 CST 2007

Scott Quinn wrote:
>  Then you need to go into the /dev 
> filesystem and make blind links between c2t3d0s(1-7) and the 
> corresponding devices that will appear in the /devices filesystem on 
> the next boot (e.g. 
> /devices/pci at 1f,0/pci at 1/IntraServer-Ultra2,scsi at 3/sd at 3,0:[a-g]
> Once you do this and restart you can run devfsadm to clean up anything 
> you missed, but this will get things loaded enough. I suppose you could 
> also hand-mount the disks r/w directly from the /devices tree as well.
So let me get this straight, you removed the first SCSI adapter, before 
placing the second in the system?

If you had a spare pci slot, I might have installed both cards at the 
same time
Do a devfsadm -Cv (which will create and clean up any dead links from 
/dev to /devices), changed up /etc/vfstab, shutdown.
Pull out the original card.
Bring solaris back up, and do another devfsadm -Cv (now this time doing 
a cleanup of the devlinks from the old HBA)

Its neat to know the simlink method can work.  Ideally you could save a 
reboot here... but it sounds like a PIA to me though :-)

PS.  Don't forget to update dumpadm


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