[rescue] Changing rootdrive SCSI host adaptors on Solaris.

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Mon Nov 5 19:48:44 CST 2007

I have an Ultra-10 that I've been driving from a Sun SunSwift(?) (Seems 
to be a name applied to two different products) - anyway the Happy Meal 
100BTx and Qlogic ISP1040B combo card with the external connector only. 
Since this leaves the main disk cable somewhat exposed and vulerable, I 
was happy to recently get a IntraServer 6100 with Symbios 895 HA chip 
(and fortunately enough an fcode PROM!!) from a bin of miscellaneous 
SCSI adaptors at the local scrap shop.

Dropped the card in, thought "no problem, it's easy to change things in 
UNIX - just make sure the device driver is being loaded or is built 
into the kernel and modify the loader settings/fstab and we're good to 
go" - only not so fast it seems.

Put in the new card, ran "probe-pci-all" - it shows up (good start). 
Run "boot -r" to reconfigure the kernel - it shows up in cfgadm. Good 
start. Pull the old SCSI card so the new bus will be the same 
"c1t(x)d0s(y) as the old one, plug the disk into the new card, change 
OBP boot variables, and hit "go" (well, boot since I did turn it off to 
mess with everything).

Solaris 10 boots through the mount filesystems part - no problem, I 
think, just remount R/W and change the /etc/fstab to whatever the disk 
is now, since evidently the c1 bus is still the ISP1040B controller. 
Problem- no c2 devices, "format" indicates "No disks found!", but 
cfgadm still says

(Ap_Id) glm2:scsi     (Type) scsi-bus   (Receptacle)  connected  
(Occupant) configured  (Condition) unknown

It does not come up with bus c1 or c2, though (c0 is the in-use IDE for 
the DVD drive). Tried cfgadm on the PCI slots, no go. Probe-scsi-all 
shows the new disks (and OBP boots from them).

What do I do know to move my disk to the new controller? The Solaris 10 
docs cover installing a new disk but not a new controller (presumably 
since most Suns will have the root filesystem on the built-in 

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