[rescue] And the i1300 distro of choice this time is...

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Thu Nov 1 09:28:30 CDT 2007

Mike Hebel wrote:
> Xubuntu!  But not easily...
> In case anybody is following along or even cares I bought Phil  
> Stracchino's ThinkPad i1300 off of him because I needed a cheap x86  
> Linux laptop.
> Zero failure on Phil's part - I've just wrestled this particular  
> beast before and he was exhausted fighting this one.
> Anyways after digging through my notes about my old ThinkPad i1200,  
> which took me a day to find,  and searching the web I finally found  
> the magic boot incantation to get Xubuntu to install and work properly:
> vga=792 acpi=force irqpoll
> Also Arch Linux will install with the boot options:
> irqpoll ide-legacy
> I chose to go with Xubuntu because I wanted certain packages and it's  
> just plain easier to load them on an Ubuntu platform.
> This took care of _all_ the install issues I was having with the  
> system and it rebooted just fine and now it's running the Update  
> Manager with a hardwired network connection.

Huh.  I could *swear* I tried that irqpoll option.  I know I tried
acpi=force, but it didn't seem to have any effect.

Maybe I used it with Gentoo, then forgot to try it with the other installs.

> I must have tried about 6 different OS boots before I found the right  
> magic words.  (Regular Ubuntu, and Older Ubuntu, Plan 9, NetBSD,  
> etc.) (0) It wasn't until just this morning that I got the  
> combination of boot options right.

Yeah, that pretty much matches my experience.  The only install I got to
work decently on it was Gentoo, but the machine's not really fast enough
- and definitely doesn't have enough memory - to make Gentoo really viable.

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