[rescue] StorEdge RAID Controller software.

Ahmed Ewing aewing at gmail.com
Thu May 31 18:38:05 CDT 2007

On 5/31/07, Dan Moore <dan at moore.cx> wrote:
> Greetings,
> $WORK just bought a "SCSI RAID Controller (SRC/P)" for an E450, but we
> have not been able to locate the driver CD for it, nor the contents on
> sun.com.  Apparently what we need is a "StorEdge SRC/P Intelligent RAID
> Controller CD".
> Does anyone have this CD or its contents available, or know of a source
> for it?
> Thanks!
Hi Dan:

Unfortunately I can't assist with locating the drivers, though I'm
sure someone on the list may be able to point you in the right

However, as this is the 2nd such request made for SRC/P software in
almost as many days, I would be remiss not to comment on specifically
why even info on these cards is sparse. This product was wholly
orphaned support-wise by Sun in short order, largely due to the fact
that it appears to have been an inherently flawed product. One of the
most common issues I have encountered personally with these are RAID
rebuilds that can fail inexplicably even after proper disk
replacement. Sun had even reportedly taken the stance of warning their
larger customers to migrate to software RAID (DiskSuite / VxVM) or an
external hardware RAID array at their earliest convenience, as they
inevitably *would* lose data at some point with the SRC/P. If you open
a case with Sun for SRC/P support (even on a billable T&M basis),
their answer to all requests will be to migrate--I know this from
firsthand experience opening cases on behalf of some of our customers.

If you have not currently committed your data and disks to the SRC/P,
I would strongly suggest you consider other solutions. You mentioned
that $WORK had "just bought" the card, so I assume they have never
before used it in any other build. I don't know how much influence you
have in the procurement process at $WORK, or whether the card can be
returned at this point... but the only circumstances under which I
would recommend anyone purchase an SRC/P would be either for hobbyist
curiosity/collectability, or for an attempted data recovery due to a
confirmed bad card in an established SRC/P setup (after which a
migration should be the first order of business). IMHO it should no
longer be trusted in a production environment.

With that said, I wish you the best of luck with your search. FWIW,
the first requestor (Pete Wargo) did have one version of the software
that was inappropriate for his particular setup; perhaps he might be
willing to share it with you.

Hope that helps,


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