[rescue] Personal progressions (was: what to do with a dec alpha 255)

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Thu May 31 14:41:55 CDT 2007

> My resume claims that I've used 25 programming languages on 9 operating
> systems.  If I were looking for a job, I'd probably update that.

I'm fresh out of college - so I haven't had the time for much
exposure, but my progression was the following:

BASIC on TI-99/4A, DOS on IBM/XT, DOS on IBM/AT, BASIC on 386, Windows
3.0/3.1, Linux on 486/Pentium, Solaris on a Sun Sparc 1+, then a 2,
then a 5, then IRIX on an Indigo 2, IRIX on an Onyx, Tru64 on a Alpha,
AIX on a 44P-270, then back to Windows, and been with Windows for
several years now across several machines.

-- Aaron

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