[rescue] what to do with a dec alpha 255

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Wed May 30 22:31:08 CDT 2007

Jerry Kemp wrote:
> I couldn't agree more.  I've worked with a lot of Unix, and Unix clones 
> in my day.  I feel fully justified in this statement, after my company 
> purchased an IBM training card for me a couple of years back, which was 
> essentially as many IBM AIX/p-series classes as I could fit into my 
> schedule in a 1 year period.
> IMHO, AIX is a recursive acronym like GNU.
> AIX = Aix Isn't uniX.
> I've done AT&T Unix, several BSD's, some linux, SCO, Solaris && Sun OS 
> (4.x), NeXT, SGI Irix, Interactive Unix (before Sun bought them), and 
> I'm sure there are a couple I've left out.

I've used all of those Unices and many more, and I disagree.

AIX is no more different from Solaris as NeXTstep is.  In fact, I'd say 
it's different in many of the same *ways* from Solaris as NeXTstep is.

I think the root-cause of your dislike is that you learned AIX from 
classes.  IMHO, that's not the right way to learn Unix.  I learned AIX 
by exploring it myself, so I think I've come to a different perspective.

> And as bad as SMIT is, if you click the option to see the command being 
> executed (within SMIT), I find it difficult to believe that anyone other 
> that the most die hard AIX fans would be able to pull them off.  But 
> then again, all the AIX only admin's I know love SMIT.

I couldn't disagree more.  I admin AIX for a living now, and I find 
myself learning a *lot* of those commands.  I'm not chained to smit.

Peace...  Sridhar

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