[rescue] what to do with a dec alpha 255

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 17:50:16 CDT 2007

Cleaning out my last (gasp) offsite locker of "junk" -
ran across a dec alpha 255 desktop - was wondering if
its worth keeping, if so - what o/s (have tru64
4.0f-5.2) but no real need.  Maybe some other o/s or
maybe give it away.

Haven't invested any time in it - no idea if it powers
up etc - have to get remaining junk out of storage
locker first.

Collective thoughts from the world?

Also I think that I found a Sparc5-170 - case plastic
a little crumpled but otherwise ok - anybody want it
for shipping costs - else it gets pitched in the

Argh - looks like one or two dlt 35/70 and a "big" box
of recycle-able dlt tapes - some already degaussed -
anybody use these?


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